spirit liqueur


alc 15% vol 70cl

The ORIGINAL Stivy’s Kola Spirit Liqueur!

The nostalgic flavour of Stivy’s Kola Spirit Liqueur is a throwback to the good old days, the smack of Kola is instantly recognisable, putting a smile on any face! Fantastic with cola, Red Bull, lemonade and orange juice. Be creative, what are YOU going to do with it?

Drink it
Drink it
mix it
mix it
shake it
shake it

Kola Libra

25 ml Stivy’s Kola
25 ml Morgan's Spiced
Top with coke
1 wedge of lime

Pour the Stivy’s Kola with a measure of Morgan's Spiced into a tall glass. Top up with ice cold cola and garnish with a wedge of lime.

Jolly Rancher

25 ml Stivy’s Kola
25 ml Southern Comfort
Top with pineapple juice
2 wedges of lemon

Pour the Stivy’s Kola with a measure of Southern Comfort into a tall glass. Top up with pineapple juice and ice, squeeze one wedge of lemon into the cocktail and use the other to garnish.

Froot Loop

25 ml Stivy’s Kola
25 ml Peach Schnapps
Top with lemonade
2 wedges of lemon

Take a tall glass and fill with ice. Squeeze 1 lemon wedge over the ice. Add the Stivy’s Kola and Peach Schnapps. Top up with lemonade and garnish with the remaining lemon wedge.

Kola Kooler

25 ml Stivy’s Kola

25ml Midori, 

Cranberry Juice.

Pour Midori in glass and fill glass with ice. Shake Stiffys Kola and Cranberry, strain into glass, layering over Midori add Cubed ice. 

Kola Daqueri

40 ml Stivy’s Kola

15 ml Bicardi Rum

15 ml Gomme Syrup

15 ml Lime Juice


Put all the ingrediants into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake and strain into a Hurricane glass filled with crushed ice top up with cola garnish with a slice of lime.